Hana Tonic

Hana Tonic uses a unique blend of the best ingredients to help prevent and ease nausea*, naturally. Whether you’re encountering motion sickness, morning sickness, or just want to take a daily wellness shot, our powerhouse tonic of ginger, b-vitamins, and a refreshing kick of cayenne, will have you feeling your best.

For Best Results:  Take at first sign of motion sickness or morning sickness.  Can also be taken as a daily wellness shot to help you feel great on a regular basis.

USDA Organicnon GMOnon drowsylow sugarlow calorieeasily portableDrug Free

Key Benefits

Eases Nausea**
Aids Digestion*
Boosts Immunity*

What's Inside

Hana Tonic delivers a unique blend of ingredients that work together to relieve nausea, promote digestion, and boost immunity so you feel your best, naturally.


Suppreses nausea**

B Vitamins

Relieve queasiness*


Improves circulation*


Aids in digestion*


Boosts immunity*

Why We're Different

What people have to say

Hana Tonic is a gift. It has given me back the ability to be part of activities again.

Amazon Customer

FINALLY!!! Something that works for this morning sickness!!

Autumn M.

Hana Tonic is by far the best nausea relief solution out there.

Jennifer D.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Works Great

This has worked great on my pregnancy nausea. I go from terrible to pretty great in just a few minutes....quick relief!

Thanks for the awesome review! So glad Hana Tonic is providing you with some much needed relief.

It works!

This product relieves my nausea caused by medication.

Thanks for taking the time to leave us a great review! So glad to hear Hana Tonic is providing relief.


This product is my Favorite go to when I am feeling yucky. Unfortunately our stores here on the Big Island were starting to be out of stock :( . So i am very Happy to have found this product online & have it shipped to my home :)) Shipping was fast & getting a email to say where my product was beginning to end is a BIG PLUS. Thank you,Thank you.

Thank you so much for the wonderful review!

My mom got them in Hawaii

About a year ago my mom brought me a few bottles back from her trip to Hawaii. And when I learned of all the benefits of drinking them, I was upset that she did not buy more. So I'm glad that I can order them online and have them shipped!

Thanks for the great review! :)

Grate product, grate customer service

The tonic helped my nausea and other digestive issue. USPS shipping had little trouble but stuff helped me immediate.
Grate customer service and grate product. Thank you so much!

A ginger shot is a potent health mixture containing a concentrated amount of ginger in a small liquid serving. They are a relatively new idea, created as a delicious way to get more ginger and all of its goodness into our bodies.

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