Can Organic Food Be GMO?

It is essential to stay educated on what you’re eating and bringing into your body. Organic foods are proven to be free of pesticides and fertilizers that can be harmful to your body. When you choose organic, you are consciously choosing to stay away from the toxins present in foods grown in conventional farming. There are also toxins present in GMO foods. So it’s time to address the question, can organic food be GMO?

What are GMO foods?

Food that is GMO, or genetically modified organisms, go through the process of being changed so that they withstand common farming chemicals - such as pesticides. Although this may seem a good thing at face value, the unnatural change can lead to allergies and the intake of unnecessary toxins.

Are Organic Foods Non-GMO?

Along with other strict guidelines, including the ban of pesticides and fertilizers that add harmful chemicals to the food we eat, organic foods are non-GMO. Organic foods must be in their natural, unaltered state to be considered organic. You do not have to worry about GMOs when you buy organic food.

Are Non-GMO Foods Always Organic?

The same is not true for the reverse. If food is non-GMO, we shouldn’t automatically assume it is organic. There are plenty of foods on the market that are not genetically modified but are still grown using pesticides and harmful fertilizers. Be careful to make that distinction and choose wisely.

Tips for Eating Organic

Small, everyday choices can lead to significant changes in your overall health. When you choose to eat organic, you are making a giant stride toward increasing your health and decreasing the harmful chemicals that you take in.

  • Compare Prices:If a food is marked organic, it has been strictly scrutinized to fit into that category. One grocery store can charge much more than another. Be sure to compare prices and find which store has the best prices for your organic products. You are already paying a premium to eat organic. You don’t want to pay more than you have to.
  • Pick and Choose Wisely:If it is too big of a financial burden to choose organic for everything you eat, choose the more common items. If your family drinks a lot of milk, then choose to drink organic milk. Make sure to always buy organic for fruits and veggies that are common in your household. When you switch to organic and feel the healthy changes in your diet, you will learn and find ways to continue to choose organic.

It is not always easy to make the healthiest choices in your diet, but it will pay off in the long run. With these tips, you can prioritize choosing organic foods for most of the food you eat daily.

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