Hana Tonic Ginger Shot

For nausea relief, improved digestion and daily wellness*


Hana Tonic uses a proprietary blend of the best ingredients to help prevent and ease nausea*, naturally. Whether you’re encountering motion sickness, morning sickness, digestive issues, or just want to take a daily wellness shot, our powerhouse tonic of ginger, b-vitamins, and a refreshing kick of cayenne, will have you feeling your best.


One 2 oz bottle is equal to one serving, and can be sipped slowly or taken quickly as a shot. Shake well, settling is natural.


Best taken immediately before boarding a boat, plane, or car, or upon first sign of queasiness. Hana Tonic is fast acting, and you should feel the effects within 5-15 minutes. May also be taken as a daily wellness shot to help you feel great on a regular basis. 


Please check out our FAQ page.



Attention: As with all dietary supplements, please consult with your physician before use if you are breastfeeding, have a medical condition, or are taking any medication. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Key Benefits

Eases Nausea**
Aids Digestion*
Boosts Immunity*

What's Inside

Hana Tonic delivers a unique blend of ingredients that work together to relieve nausea, promote digestion, and boost immunity so you feel your best, naturally.


Suppreses nausea**

B Vitamins

Relieve queasiness*


Improves circulation*


Aids in digestion*


Boosts immunity*

Why We're Different

What people have to say

Hana Tonic is a gift. It has given me back the ability to be part of activities again.

Amazon Customer

FINALLY!!! Something that works for this morning sickness!!

Autumn M.

Hana Tonic is by far the best nausea relief solution out there.

Jennifer D.

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Thom Demattei
Awesome product and customer service!!

This product works just as advertised. As a lifelong car-sickness sufferer, I can attest to that!

Thanks so much for your great review Thom! We are so glad to hear Hana Tonic helped you enjoy the drive!

Tiffani Davidson
How do I get this in pint jars?

I received this in a Snackmagic box a few months ago and didn't think much of it. I don't get motion sickness. Why would I need it? I tried a small taste. It was fine. No magic happened. What the hell does Hana mean anyway? Isn't that family? I don't get it. I poured most of the bottle out.

Flash forward to a few weeks ago on a trip to Maui. As expected on vacation, too much wine happened with friends the night before and it was the last day we'd be able to drive Hana Highway. (I'd like to say I was smart enough to put two Hana's together, but I was not.) Thinking I was prepared for a day in the car, I bought a water and off the four of us went.

Now, I don't get motion sickness, but apparently no one escapes Hana Highway sickness. So when I found the banana bread stand at the halfway point, the clouds opened up and the world started to make sense when I saw bottles of Hana Tonic on sale. After a single bottle, I felt amazing. And not just amazing because I wasn't having to hold my head out the window, but didn't-have-wine-the-day-before amazing. The kind of amazing you feel when you've slept eight hours every day for the last three weeks and managed to take a spin class first thing each morning. I felt great. Suddenly, one hour later under a waterfall, I'm getting proposed to. And I am able to be completely present for it. After I said yes, I literally told my friends I'd take a shot of this every day for the rest of my life (this was before I found out no one in Austin carries it). For me, the motion sickness fix was a fringe benefit. This product in my opinion is being wildly undermarketed as a wellness shot.

On our way back to Texas, we had a layover night in Honolulu where I went to seven different ABC stores trying to find some so I'd feel just as great at 5:30am. If you've ever been to Honolulu, you know that means I walked no more than a mile. Finally I found three bottles, bought all of them, and immediately signed up for a subscription to be mailed. Honestly, my biggest beef with Hana Tonic is that I can't place a large enough order. I'm not against a side hustle slinging this stuff like those ratchet IV trucks do dehydration cures.

It's great. Buy it.

Tina Sebens
vacation relief

I was visiting Maui and started a day with nausea but had tickets to the Ocean Center. Discovered Hana Tonic in the gift shop and was surprised at how fast it helped. Was pleased with the taste and lack of chemicals. Decided to add it to my wellness routine once home.

Thanks so much for leaving an awesome review, Tina! We appreciate you and are happy you've added Hana Tonic to your wellness routine.

Great taste and feel healthy

Great to have something that has right amount of sweet, tartness and spice. Nothing is too overwhelming. Other products that ive tried is very spicy or too tart

Excited to share these in my shop!!

Thank you for quick shipping and safe packaging in shipping as well!

Thanks so much for your wonderful review!

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