Why Does B6 Reduce Nausea?

If you have heard of using vitamin B6 for morning sickness, then you are probably wondering: why does B6 reduce nausea? It’s smart to understand how various supplements work instead of simply taking them without any additional information.

The more you know about nutrition and wellness, the more empowered you are to choose the right ingredients and supplements that support your overall health. Vitamin B6 is one of many supplements and nutrients that can be helpful during pregnancy and throughout other stages of life.

Nausea in Early Pregnancy: Supplements to Help

Many pregnant women agree: nausea is one of the most common symptoms that occur in early pregnancy. As the hormones are changing, it’s likely that you will experience stomach issues ranging from mild to severe. If you are experiencing queasiness, then there are a few at-home remedies that might help to calm the stomach, such as taking vitamin B6 daily.

Keep in mind that vitamin B6 still needs to be researched more to understand the full effects during pregnancy. But at this point, early research indicates a positive outcome: not only is B6 safe during pregnancy, but it can also be an effective solution for alleviating nausea associated with morning sickness. Even though this supplement isn’t a cure-all, it can be a great option to use along with other natural remedies.

How Vitamin B6 Helps with Nausea

Vitamin B6 is considered an “essential” vitamin since it affects many different functions in the body. It assists various enzymes that are working in a variety of chemical processes to support your health and overall function.

Researchers have found that vitamin B6 plays a role in metabolism, brain function, cardiovascular health, immune system, and cellular health.

There isn’t a clear answer about why or how vitamin B6 plays a role in reducing nausea and digestive issues. Even though researchers haven’t identified the clear underlying function, many patients have found that B6 can be beneficial for alleviating stomach distress and reducing nausea associated with morning sickness. Additionally, B6 might be effective for other types of nausea, including chemotherapy side effects, oral contraceptives, and premenstrual syndrome.

Vitamin B6 Recommendations for Nausea Management

How much vitamin B6 do you need to alleviate your morning sickness or other forms of nausea? The best solution is to talk to your doctor, midwife, or other healthcare provider for specific dosage and frequency guidance. Every patient is unique, which is why it’s wise to talk to a healthcare expert.

The general recommendation is to use 10 – 25 mg of vitamin B6 supplements, taken between 1 – 3 times a day. For example, you might take it first thing in the morning, again, and mid-day, then a third time before going to bed. Maintaining a consistent schedule might help to alleviate nausea and other related symptoms. Always consult your doctor to determine the right supplements for your unique needs.

Hana Tonic for Managing Nausea and Morning Sickness

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