How to Prevent Motion Sickness on a Boat

It’s a thrilling adventure to head out into the open water, but some people avoid water activities because they get seasick. It’s no fun to be stuck on a boat, feeling nauseous and unwell. If you want to participate in these water activities, you need to know how to prevent motion sickness on a boat.

For some people, motion sickness on a boat is mild. For example, you might feel small symptoms such as a slight headache or notice that your stomach seems a little “off.” But other people get severe motion sickness, including nausea and vomiting, which makes it impossible to do anything other than lay down to try to manage the symptoms.

Preventing Sea Sickness

The best approach is to be proactive about preventing sea sickness so you can increase the likelihood that you’ll feel your best while out on the water:

  • Be Well Rested: The risk of sea sickness increases if you are exhausted or lacking sleep. Therefore, when you are preparing to travel, make sure you are careful about managing your sleep schedule, so you get plenty of sleep in the days before the trip.
  • Take Medication: One option is to use an over-the-counter medication that manages nausea, such as Bonine or Dramamine. You’ll want to take the medicine 20 minutes before getting on the boat. The problem is that side effects from using these medications, such as drowsiness, can make it hard to enjoy the day.
  • Fresh Air: Keep the windows open or turn on the air conditioning so that you can have fresh air during the trip. Compare your motion sickness when you are inside the boat to outside on the deck; you’ll probably feel better when the wind is in your face.
  • Food Choices: A little bit of food in your stomach can be helpful, but don’t overeat! Choose something light, like dry crackers, pretzels, or bread.

Managing Sea Sickness

In the unfortunate situation where motion sickness sets in while you are on a boat, try different things to find the best solution that will help you manage the symptoms. For example, some people find that a Hana Tonic shot is sufficient to settle the stomach. Or, you might chew on ginger gum or breathe in aromatherapy with mint or eucalyptus.

Changing your body position can also make a difference. Sometimes, it’s easier to manage the symptoms when lying down and closing your eyes.

Hana Tonic: How to Prevent Motion Sickness on a Boat

Do you want to enjoy the fun of water activities without worrying about being the person hanging over the side of the boat? Then keep a bottle or two of Hana Tonic on hand during yourtrip.

Our blend of ingredients is proprietary and includes aspects proven to help with managingmotion sickness. Plus, these ingredients are immune-boosting, helping you stay healthy duringyour vacation.

The good news is that Hana Tonic comes in small, convenient bottles that are easy to carry in a bag or day pack. This natural remedy is an option to consider if you are trying to avoid medications.