Road Trips and Day Trips: The Best Drives in the US

What’s your favorite scenery when you are heading out for a road trip or a day trip? The United States is a great place to hit the road because of the many different landscapes you can explore by car. Whether you prefer the historical views in New England, wide-open highways in the desert, or picturesque sights along the California coast, there are countless options to choose from for the best drives in the US.

These drives can fall into unique categories, depending on the scenery you’d like to find:

Mountains and Canyons

Towering peaks and stunning drop-offs make canyons great places to explore. The Blue Ridge Parkway is one popular example, with a 469-mile winding road that takes you through the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains.

The highest paved road in the United States can be found in Colorado: The Trail Ridge Road, which reaches 12,183 feet in elevation. This route follows the continental divide and offers beautiful tundra views and historic towns.

Beach Drives

If you are drawn to the ocean, you can choose between the West coast, East coast, Gulf of Mexico, or an island destination (such as Hawaii). For example, Key West and Key Largo are both popular destinations for road trips with miles and miles of sandy beaches, coral reefs, and beach bars.

Another option is to head to the Pacific Northwest to find the beautiful beaches of Oregon and Washington. The Atlantic water is a little cooler, and the temperatures are lower, making this drive a great option for people who don’t like the heat.

If you love the California scenic coasts, then head over to the 17-mile drive that runs through the Pebble Beach community and the Del Monte forests. This area has everything from harbor seals to stunning cliffs, with picturesque scenes around every corner.

Desert Drives

Utah, Colorado, and Arizona are all top destinations if you are looking for desert landscapes and red rocks. Consider a trip to State Route 12 in Utah, which runs between Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef national parks. This scenic drive is 124 miles long, with beautiful desert bluffs and sandstone canyons.

Man-Made Sights

Maybe you prefer yourroad trip or a day trip to include architecture and man-made sights? Some of the best drives in the US can be in the middle of a big city. For example, cruise down Lake Shore Drive in Chicago and you’ll find the Sears Tower and other high-rises, as well as many miles of beaches along Lake Michigan.

Be Prepared for the Best Drives in the US

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