Sarah's Story

Meet Sarah...


A year and a half ago she suffered a brain injury that left her with severe vestibular issues...

“They were so bad I felt like I was always on a boat. The constant sensation left me with chronic motion sickness. Despite numerous doctors and specialists the best they have come up with is to have me on a constant course of meclizine (prescription strength Dramamine.)”

When the family trip to Hawaii came along she was not about to miss out.

“Under doctors supervision my meclizine dosage was adjusted and I boarded the plane. Needless to say I was a drugged out mess. When the family wanted to go to Lanai for a day trip I was terrified.”

Would she go and be a mess? Or would she simply stay behind?

A trip to the Snorkel Store changed it all. Lisa (the store manager) suggested Hana Tonic. I was very skeptical, but did not want to miss out on an activity with the whole extended family.“ “I boarded the boat with two bottles in hand. I drank one bottle for the ride over. My family peppering me with questions the whole trip. I felt great!! The ride over was smooth as silk, but I could even move around on the boat without even a flaring of any motion sickness.”

The ride back was a true test...

Upon boarding I drank the second bottle praying the ride over hadn't been a fluke. The ride back was over a very choppy channel and involved a boat ride that would have been my undoing. However, I was able to ride the waves for the roller coaster it was almost enjoying every moment. It felt so foreign and I kept waiting to feel sick. It never came. The next day I waited for the hangover that usually accompanies any activities that strain my system... itnever came. I am leaving Maui today and last night bought an entire display case of 9 bottles at the ABC store so I can continue this. “

At Hana Tonic, we love hearing stories like this! It makes our team feel amazing that our product is changing lives like Sarah's.