Take America's Best Forest Drive

If you are looking for a scenic getaway, then winding through forest trees with mountainous scenic views sounds like an escape you could get on board with. Whether you want to plan the best road trip of the year or zip off for a weekend camping trip, find all you need to know about the best forest road trips.

You can plan every turn on your forest road trip, or you can fly by the seat of your pants! Destination – nowhere! Let your car take you through the forest and guide you on a path of meditation, healing, or solitude. There is no wrong way to plan a forest road trip.


Plan Your Forest Road Trip

Imagine driving down the highway, your hair blowing in the wind without a care in the world. Travel along forests in North America or follow Trail Ridge Road through the rocky mountains of Colorado. Check out the scenery that is nearby before you venture out to see the world.

Some of the best views are right outside your door. Find the closest national park or forest scenery that will bring you tranquility and gratitude for the earth that surrounds you.


Enjoy Driving Through National Parks

Local parks provide landmark stops that people travel to see from all over the world. Have you visited all the National Parks that the USA has to offer? Make it a life goal to visit the country's best nature offerings.

Start your journey by planning a road trip through National Parks to enjoy the forest views and learn about the stories told by those who came before us. When you mix your family vacation with history and an open mind, you will return home as a better person.


US National Park Drives

What could be better than winding through the National Parks on your road trip? So pack your car with snacks and all the essentials, and hit the road! Don't forget to pack Hana Tonic for your upset stomach through the curvy roads.

Learn about the why behind preserving the National Parks and how visiting them can enrich your life. Get the most out of your trip by leaving the electronics at home and taking several stops to experience what nature has to offer.

Glacier (Road to Sun)

Take in the views of jagged peaks and the occasional glacier as you wind through Glacier National Park in Montana. Spot mountain goats and big horn sheep. Watch as dozens of waterfalls cascade down the mountains, painting a picturesque view that is actually real life.

Climate change has contributed to the glaciers melting away, but the views still attract thousands of tourists each year. In addition, the 50-mile road is open from June to October before snowfall starts. As a result, the summer months are reasonably busy, while September and October are less crowded.

Your best chance of seeing a glacier from the road is Jackson Glacier Overlook between Logan Pass and St. Mary Village. Plan your road trip to include this stop for once-in-a-lifetime views.


Tioga Road in Yosemite National Park spans 47 miles from Crane Flat to Tioga Pass. The windy road exposes drivers to granite cliffs, sweeping meadows, forests, and alpine lakes. The diverse scenery will have your eyes looking in every direction, trying to take it all in.

The road is open from June to October before the snow hits. You can find snowy views in June as the winter snow continues to melt away. Stop to explore the giant sequoias and hike around one of the most scenic views in America.

Tuolumne Grove is about 2.5 miles in by foot and contains a huge stump known as The Dead Giant. Plan accordingly for this hike because the uphill portion is on the way back from the hike. Visit the lake and take in the wildflower views to maximize your visit to Yosemite National Park.

Crater Lake

Visit Crater Lake in July-September for the best weather. It will get a little cool at night, but a trip in the spring could lead to road closures from snow. Crater Lake is the 5th snowiest place in the US.

Follow Rim Drive and stop at one of the many lookout points to take in the views. You can even plan a swim if you are prepared to step into some chilly water. Rim Drive is 33 miles long and follows the perimeter of the lake. The road is paved and pleasant.

Stop at Pumice Castle, a formation of rocks resembling a castle. Then, plan to see Cloudcap at sunset and Watchmen’s Overlook. You have so many opportunities to see great views at Crater Lake. And the park is not as big as Yosemite, which means it is not as crowded.


US State Parks or Highways Known for Being in the Forest

When you plan a visit to a National Park, you will automatically experience forest road trips. Our national parks span forests, mountains, and lakes. Beauty can be found everywhere you look when you visit a US National Park.

Pack a tent and experience the great outdoors, staying aware of the wildlife around you. Practice safety by packing up food and cleaning up after yourself on the campground. Also, follow current guidelines for building fires in National Parks. Finally, always stay vigilant of an active fire.


Travel by Highway or Back Roads

Whether you hop on the highway for the quickest way to and from your destination or take the back roads, you can count on glorious views.

Winding back roads give you the opportunity to roll down the window and take in the beauty around you. You won't feel stressed if you want to pull over and take pictures or read a monument sign.

On the other hand, highways have your destination at the top of mind. The road trip may be a bonus, but getting to yourhiking summit or lodge retreat is the true priority of your trip.

You can mix and match and take the highway on your way to your vacation and slowly wind through the back roads on the way home. Experience the views from all angles and speeds!


Make the Best of Your Next Forest Drive Through America

The best way to plan for a forest drive through America is by packing the car with all the essentials. You have more freedom to bring blankets, pillows, board games, and other bulk items when you are driving rather than flying.

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