The Best Tech, Apps, and Sites for First-Time Parents

Becoming a parent for the first time is an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience that you've likely been looking forward to for years. When the time finally comes for your first baby to enter the world, however, you may find your joy mixed with fear. This is perfectly normal. Many new parents share such anxieties — for instance, worrying that they won't have time to juggle all of the baby's needs along with their own or that they'll fail to bond with the infant.


As with most other facets of modern-day life, technology can help. There are apps available that cover many day-to-day aspects of modern parenting, from purchasing a house to arranging transportation for your kids. Find out about five more helpful options below.


Make sure you'll have 24/7 access to your phone

All the great apps below won't be of much use if you can't access them. Make sure your phone plan has sufficient data usage so you can tap into any of these useful resources below. Battery capacity is another issue to consider. Since there may be nights when you forget to charge your phone, pack a portable charger in your diaper bag so that you can get the energy you need at any time. This is just one of the many unexpected diaper bag essentials you will need, in addition to nursing pads, hair ties, and a wet bag.


Use Cozi to organize your family's schedule

As a new parent, you'll have one more schedule to keep track of. From pediatrician's appointments to play dates, even a young child's schedule can fill up fast.Cozi is the must-have app for busy families, allowing you to track each individual's activities and events in one place. It also lets you store recipes and meal plans, and synch them with your grocery shopping list.


Trust Sleep Baby Sleep to help infants get their rest
Babies are notoriously poor sleepers. Little ones often don't sleep for more than a few hours at a time, which can also impact mom's and dad's sleep schedules. Parental sleep deprivation is a real concern, and the younger the child is, the more sleep parents lose. This is an even bigger concern when you’re expecting and morning sickness isa factor. Help baby drift off and assure your own rest with theSleep Baby Sleep app, which plays white noise sounds to help little ones fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.


Turn to Wonder Weeks to track tricky developmental stages

Sometimes your baby may go through an unusually fussy phase. Doctors now believe that these instances are linked to age-linked changes, called "leaps" of development, which occur throughout the first 20 months of life.Wonder Weeks allows you to track these stages and informs you what to expect, from fussiness to poor appetite.


Rely on Mommy Saver to keep your little one engaged

As a parent, sometimes you just need a break.Mommy Saver is the answer. This app provides calming sensory experiences specifically geared towards infants. It displays movements and shapes in high-contrast images that young eyes can easily see, offers a variety of interactions to keep kids engaged, and can even play soothing classical music to keep them calm.


Use Glow to visualize baby's development and track daily needs

Amidst the daily trials and tribulations, one of the most rewarding parts of parenthood is watching your child grow up and reach developmental milestones. Whether it's their first word or their first step, these moments never fail to surprise and excite a new mom or dad.Glow lets you track these moments in an easy app. On a daily basis, you can also track habits like feeding, diaper changing, and sleeping in order to better anticipate your baby’s needs.


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There’s no need to stress about parenthood when you have these apps and sites in your pocket. Explore them now and you’ll be ready to handle all kinds of parenting hurdles by the time your baby arrives.