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For some people, thinking about a vacation packing list can immediately trigger anxiety. There’s nothing worse than being on a trip and realizing that you forgot something important at home. Sometimes, this can have serious consequences--i.e., if you forget medications or corrective lenses at home. 

At the same time, overpacking can be an issue for families trying to maneuver multiple people, including small children from one place to the next. If you have too much stuff with you, it can be cumbersome to enjoy your travel plans. Too much luggage can weigh you down. 

That’s why we collected some of the bestvacation packing list tips and tricks to help you streamline your vacation packing and actually come to enjoy the process. If that sounds impossible to you, read on--learning how to pack will can actually simplify your entire life in the process! 

A Vacation Packing List To Support Simple Travel 

If you’re someone who sometimes avoids going on trips because of how stressful it is for you to pack, it can be hard to imagine how travel could ever be simple. But when you’re prepared ahead of time and you know what to expect, packing can truly be a breeze! First, you need to have a list. A list is important for a few reasons. 

One reason a list is so powerful is because it becomes a place for you to organize your plans and ensure that you don’t leave any items behind. Another reason a list can be so helpful is that you can track your progress over time. Because guess what? You don’t have to put packing off to the last minute and run around your house looking for this or that. Instead, you can utilize your vacation packing list and slowly mark off to-do’s as they are completed. 

Avoid Overpacking With A Simple Vacation Packing List 

So how do you create an amazing vacation packing list that can make your whole packing process smooth and simple? First, consider the categories of items that you need to bring. Clothing is a huge part of any vacation packing checklist. Toiletries and medications are another important category. Finally, you should consider electronics and personal items. If you’re traveling through the airport or via train or bus, you may also want to plan for what you would like with you as your carry-on item, and what you can stow away. 

Each of the categories has questions associated with it that you should ask yourself when you determine which items to put on your vacation list. For clothing, check the weather at your vacation destination. Consider how large the difference in temperature is from your home and which clothing items will keep you comfortable during your stay. Think about how you would want to prepare for rain. It can even be useful to look up precipitation patterns so you can understand what to expect if rain is in the forecast. 

When it comes to toiletries and medications, it’s useful to first make a list of necessary items. Write down any family members who have daily medications that they take or anything they need for medical emergencies like inhalers or epipens. You should also consider whether an item is TSA friendly if you are planning to take your bags on carry-on. Click here forour favorite kit to help you move your favorite items into TSA-approved containers.

If there are a number of supplements that you regularly take at home, consider whether there are products that combine the nutrients you’re trying to access. Hana Tonic, for example, is a great product to bring along since it has so many amazing nutrients packed inside. Products like Hana Tonic can help you streamline your luggage. 

Another great way to ensure that your stay is comfortable and you can keep your luggage lightweight is to reach out to the place where you are staying--whether it’s a cruise, hotel, or hostel--and ask what amenities are available. You can skip bringing your hair dryer or your favorite eye mask if those things are actually offered to guests. You just have to ask first. 

Want a very simple way to keep from overpacking? Keep your luggage small and don’t fill it to the brim. Avoid duplicate clothing items, and consider what you can wear on your person during your trip (like outerwear) that can take up so much room in your bags. Instead of having to sit on your bags to zip them up before you leave, make sure there’s room left. Afterall, there’s a very good chance you’ll be coming home with more things than what you arrived with!

A Family Vacation Packing Checklist: Supplies and Tips for a Quick Trip

Anyone who has kids knows that the packing list for trips only expands and becomes more complicated when you have little ones to be concerned with. There are a few great strategies you can employ to ensure the process is smooth and simple. 

A unique approach offered by the, whose write has a family of six children, is to throw out the idea of each family member having their own suitcase. Instead, they pack bags based on the days of travel they are taking. That way, you don’t have to dig through multiple bags in order to find the piece of clothing you are looking for. 

Any family knows that every child has certain must-have items that they can’t seem to part with--even if they are impractical to bring on a trip. Here’s another tip to help this along--insist that each child brings their own personal backpack. They can determine what is inside of it, but make it clear that they will need to carry it with them throughout the trip. 

Some parents wonder how involved children should be with the packing process and how they should join you. While it always depends on the particular child and their temperment, engaging children with the work of packing can be a great way to help them stay organized during your travel. Consider making packing like a game. Equip your child with the list of items your family is bringing along and see if they can find the item in the house and put it in your luggage. 

 Travel Packing List Inspiration: Leisure, Cruises, Families, Europe 

Depending on where you are going for your trip and what the purpose of your travel is, you’ll need to have a different vacation packing list. If you’re feeling unsure of what you should bring depending on the trip, here’s some inspiration and recommendations to ensure you have a beautiful trip and all the supplies you need! 

For a Leisure/Beach or beach vacation, consider how to streamline your footwear. See if you can find a versatile sandal that will work well on the beach as well as the restaurant you visit after drinks. 

If you’re traveling on a cruise, it’s essential that you reach out ahead of time to find out what amenities are available on the ship. That way you can weed out what you’ll need and what you don’t. Finally, if you’re doing world travel, whether it’s to Europe or any other country, you’ll want to do your money research. Banks can often change their policies regarding how they facilitate electronic payments. Make sure you have all the paperwork and materials you need to be fully resourced during your trip! 

Vacation Packing List for Those Stuck in Overwhelm

By following all these tips and tricks, you can avoid overpacking, keep travel real simple in the airport, and truly develop over time a vacation packing list that you can use again and again. That way you can transform the packing process into something that causes you anxiety into something you actually enjoy. What are your favorite packing tips? We love to hear your feedback, so let us know in the comments below! 

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