Why Do People Collect Can Tabs?

Have you seen someone finish a can of their favorite drink, then pull off the can tab before throwing the can in the recycling bin? Slipping the can tab into their pocket could be a habit, and often can tab collectors have a box or containers at home with their tabs.

Why do people collect can tabs? Here are a few reasons why people take off the tab before disposing of the can:

Recycling Can Tabs recycling

Collecting cans is an excellent way to get a little money through local recycling programs. The aluminum can be dropped off, and it’s common for recycling plants to offer a few pennies per can. While this aluminum can collection won’t bring in the big bucks, it’s nice to have a little extra spending money.

Some people don’t like the bulk of collecting the cans because they don’t have storage space for the big bags. Instead, it’s easier to have a bucket of can tabs, which can also be recycled through scrap metal companies. Not only are can tabs easier to collect, but they are also a cleaner solution if you want to donate. The amount of money received depends on the weight of the collected can tabs.

Can Tabs for Charity

Some charity organizations accept can tab donations as a way to raise funds. This practice was more common in the past, although there are still a few charities that accept can tabs – including the March of Dimes and the Ronald McDonald House.

The little donations can add up over time! By itself, a can tab isn’t worth much. But the collective effort of many people donating can tabs can bring in cash for the charity. For example, the Ronald McDonald House in Durham, North Carolina, raises more than $10,000 each year through can tab collections. 

Hobby Can Tab Collection

Sometimes, collecting can tabs is a hobby. People like to gather different colors in a collector’s box. It’s the same idea as collecting change or trinkets –it’s fun to have a small collection to see how many you can get over time. Even though it doesn’t hold the same value as coins or stamps, it’s a cost-free hobby.

Often, these collected can tabs are used for crafts or other DIY projects. Kids have a fun time stringing the tabs on yarn to make necklaces. Or, the tabs can be glued onto wood or paper. Small trinkets can be a great way to encourage creativity, especially in children.

Recycling for Sustainability

When you are using any product in a recyclable package, it’s easy to put that can or bottle into the recycling bin instead of the trash can. These efforts help to support sustainability and minimize the items that are building up in our landfills.

Our Hana Tonic bottles are made of glass, giving you the option to recycle when you are done with your anti-nausea, immune-boosting shot. We understand the impact recycling can have on protecting the environment, which is why we’re proactive in offering recyclable solutions in every package.