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– Chanel White

I am a patient advocate for a large online chronic illness community who so often never find relief from their symptoms - I think Hana Tonic could help an entire community of patients searching for answers! Thank you!”

– Chanel White (@thetubefedwife)

A year and a half ago I suffered a brain injury that left me with severe vestibular issues. They were so bad I felt like I was always on a a boat. The constant sensation left me with chronic motion sickness. Despite numerous doctors and specialists the best they have come up with is to have me on a constant course of meclizine (prescription strength Dramamine.) When the family trip to Hawaii came along I was not about to miss out. Under doctors supervision my meclizine dosage was adjusted and I boarded the plane. Needless to say I was a drugged out mess. When the family wanted to go to Lanai for a day trip I was terrified. Would I go and be a mess? Would I simply stay behind? A trip to the Snorkel Store changed it all. Lisa (the store manager) suggested Hana Tonic. I was very skeptical, but did not want to miss out on an activity with the whole extended family. I boarded the boat with two bottles in hand. I drank one bottle for the ride over. My family peppering me with questions the whole trip. I felt great!! The ride over was smooth as silk, but I could even move around on the boat without even a flaring of any motion sickness. The ride back was a true test. Upon boarding I drank the second bottle praying the ride over hadn't been a fluke. The ride back was over a very choppy channel and involved a boat ride that would have been my undoing. However, I was able to ride the waves for the roller coaster it was almost enjoying every moment. It felt so foreign and I kept waiting to feel sick. It never came.

– Sarah

Oh @hanatonic how thankful I am to have discovered you. I’m not one to believe the hype about products, especially ones that are marketed towards things like nausea. My team has tried everything they possibly could think of to help with my nausea, but even with a mix of meds, patches and my gastric pacemaker the nausea from my gastroparesis still remains. Some days are harder than others. The past few days have been awful. i can’t even sip water without feeling like i’m going to be sick. After seeing a spoonie post about Hana Tonic last week I decided why not at least try the product and see what its about. Whenever I try a new product/suggestion to help my nausea I never expect anything, I HOPE it helps but 9 out of 10 times it just doesn’t for me at least, I knew ordering these shots was going to be hit or miss but I was willing to take the risk and i’m so glad I did. They arrived today and I am so thankful, i’ve been in bed all day not being able to move without feeling like I’d be sick, laying in bed with a bucket near me sucking on gin gins and taking nausea meds every 4 hours, after taking a few sips of my hana tonic shot my nausea has let up a little, did it cure it? No, but it helped and thats what matters. If a product can give me ANY relief at all I am thankful, and today I am thankful for @hanatonic.

– dropitlikeitspots_

I ordered this because of my pregnancy morning sickness. Because I had been drinking ginger tea here at home but that still wasn't working very well, or the effects weren't lasting I bought it not thinking it would do too much. But thankfully to my surprise it has really worked. It's been about a week now and I haven't felt sick at all. And when I start to feel nauseas I grab it and take a gulp and seems to kick in right away. The taste is not bad at all. It's very leveled out. As far as quantity? Well if you are at the beginning of your pregnancy you should probably order 3 or more bottles of it since the bottle isn't very big. But it only takes a small shot to relieve any sickness. I'm ordering again. So I thought i would come and leave a review this has been my miracle antidote. I will definitely recommend to friends.

– Melody

Our kayakers share that they enjoy their trip out in the ocean with a shot of Hana Tonic to relieve any queasiness. Its nice portable size makes it perfect to travel with on the kayak as well as their trip home on the plane.

– Amazon Customer

FINALLY!!! Something that works for this morning sickness!! This is my go-to when I'm seconds from vomiting! I just take a sip and it instantly calms my tummy. It's not long lasting, but long enough to where I can eat a couple of crackers and feel better!

– Autumn Mansfield

I have used it and I love it. The flavor is perfect, and the cayenne pepper really gives it a zing, and to top it off, it actually works! Great product. I would definitely purchase this product again!

– Chanel

I used this in Hawai'i on a sailing trip. It worked fast and was extremely effective. Highly recommend!

– Phillip Anzo

I have suffered from motion sickness for as long as I can remember. I have tried absolutely everything with varying degrees of success, but a lot of side effects. HANA Tonic is a gift. It has given me back the ability to be part of activities again. Tried it while in Maui. It allowed me to go on a boat trip before would not have ever even entered into a fantasy. This stuff WORKS with NO side effects. Do yourself a favor and reclaim your life!!!

– Amazon Customer

Tastes great! Have always looked for a product that might help with car sickness, nausea, etc. Would recommend!

– Amazon Customer

This is the best product ever!! I buy it by the carton for daily health and keep several bottles in each car. I love to watch the reaction when someone tastes it for the first time. I'm hooked!! Thank you!! 👍

– Lisa K

Nothing seemed to be helping with my first trimester nausea...I was becoming dehydrated and really needed a break from feeling ill. I couldn't believe how well this product worked for me! I was having tons of food aversions, but was able to drink without a problem! I swear it stopped me from throwing up in public more than once...I highly recommend it!!

– Alicia Moss

I heard about Hana Tonic and was very excited to try it. It arrived today and now I'll have it for an 8 Day Rd. trip. I was in stop and go traffic for about a half an hour thankfully I had the newly arrived package in my car so I could try it for the first time. It worked wonders, thank you Hana tonic what a relief and what a delightful flavor ...love that Ginger love that zing !

– Amazon Customer

LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Perfect size for travel bag and easy to use throughout the day when I benefit from a little "boost". We went tent camping, everyone got a bottle to use whenever they felt the need. My daughter easily gets car sick so she tried it out on the road and appreciated its soothing effect on her tummy. I'm glad I took my shot at night when I felt dehydrated from a day in the sun but didn't want to drink a bunch of water and get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom! The glass bottles are sturdy and really make this tonic feel like a quality product. It's tasty and spicy so a little bit goes a long way. I can see where it would be great to have during flu season. Super satisfied, thanks!

– Forever Young at Heart

Love everything about Hana Tonic! I suffer from acid reflux and I've found HT to do a great job of settling my stomach (guessing that's the ginger). The flavor is unique - not too sweet with a little kick. Plus I love that it is certified organic. Also, appreciate that it's travel size (2 oz.) and I can just throw a bottle in my purse.

– Amanda V.

I'm visiting Maui for the week went on a boat and puked my brains out then the next Day took a trip to Hana wasn't feeling very good since I get horrible motion sickness being car or boat and so we stoped at a little shop on the road and they had this Hana Tonic and figured it was worth a try and omg miracle!! cured me on the spot! I survived the whole road to Hana and back with no sickness! It was my savior for sure!! I'm ordering a case to have just in case!!

– Amazon Customer

Our family loves Hana Tonic! We use it for motion sickness, immune system support, and for a general boost whenever we're feeling physically low or tired. It is also delicious. We really appreciate such a high quality, pure, product, that is effective and completely free of the damaging side-effects of standard anti-nausea medication.

– Kindle Customer

Tried yesterday at the road race track: two of us were feeling a bit queasy but after we each drank one Hana we were much better in 20 minutes. No further problems the rest of the day

– Chevy55

I tend to get motion sick and I wanted a natural product to help with a long family car ride. I wish I bought a whole case because not only did it help my stomach, I felt totally energized! This is a great natural energy boost. I will be ordering more to use as a daily nutrition shot!


I really like the taste of Hana Tonic...it's gingery (but not overpowering), a little sweet, and spicy with a hint of Cayenne. I ended up sharing it with my kids and several friends, and everyone liked it. The amount in one bottle seems like the perfect amount to take on a road trip or plane ride. If I ever experience nausea, I'll gladly consume Hana Tonic!

– Larissa Marks

Hana Tonic is by far the best nausea relief solution out there. It not only helps calm the nausea I suffer from on long road trips, but helps my digestion too. I love that the ingredients are organic - the refreshing ginger and pineapple combined with the slight cayenne kick make this shot light and enjoyable to drink, unlike many other shots I have tried. I would highly recommend using Hana Tonic to feel your best!

– Amazon Customer

My husband and I were in Hawaii for our honeymoon and I found this product! We were going to get on a boat the next day and I always get sea sick or at least nauseous. I drank this a couple hours before boarding the boat and it lasted the whole day on the boat! I felt great and I was amazed. Not sleepy at all and just felt great! I ordered some more on Amazon to have on hand when I need it! Love this product and highly recommend!

– Lauren Abbott