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Kaihalulu (Red Sand Beach)


Keepsake postcard features a colorful scene of Hāna, Maui on the front, and space for a message and recipient address on the back.


This stunning crescent-shaped beach gets its red sand from the crumbling Ka’uiki Head cinder cone, whose rust-red lava cinder cliffs tower above the beach. Although it remains a breathtaking place, it’s strongly advised that people don’t hike to this beach, as the trail is extremely treacherous.


  • 4" W × 6" L Postcard
  • Ultra Gloss UV Coating on Front, Uncoated on Back
  • Made in USA


    Also available as a variety set of 9 postcards. Buy more and save! One of each postcard design:

    • Road to Heavenly Hāna
    • Kaihalulu (Red Sand Beach)
    • Alau Island
    • 'Ohe'o (Seven Pools)
    • Tropical Takeout
    • Hamoa Beach
    • Hāna Town
    • Hāna Coastin'
    • Bending Beauty

      The Artist

      Renee Louis-Charles is an artist and entrepreneur. Growing up in Hawaii has given Renee a unique perspective of the world and served as a source of great inspiration in everything she does. Renee’s art captures the essence of Hāna with rich saturated color, lush foliage, and whimsical scenes of island life. Louis-Charles has received national acclaim for her artistic achievements, including being named the first place winner of the State of Hawaii’s Sterling Scholar in Visual Arts. Her hometown of Hāna, Maui continues to spark her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. In addition to her line of artwork, Renee founded Hana Tonic, a ginger wellness product for nausea relief.

      The Inspiration

      Hāna, Maui is famous for being one of the most beautiful places on earth, but it’s also notorious for its long windy road— it takes over 600 curves to get there! From the moment you start your drive you are immersed in the experience of the road… steep cliffs, gorgeous waterfalls, ancient bridges, and lush greenery.

      “Growing up in Hāna shaped who I am, and sparked my interest in art. My paintings are of all the places in Hāna that hold a special place in my heart.” -Renee Louis-Charles

      Naturally You

      Hana Tonic delivers a unique blend of ingredients that work together to relieve nausea, promote digestion, and boost immunity so you feel your best, naturally.