Babymoon: Get Away Before Having a Newborn in the House

It doesn’t matter if you are pregnant with your first baby or already have kids at home. Your life will quickly change when there is a newborn in the house. It’s exciting to have a bundle of joy on the way, and yet you need to be ready for the different routines that are on the horizon. How are you and your partner preparing for new parenting responsibilities?

Most parents-to-be feel a combination of anticipation and nerves at the same time. As you count down for the upcoming arrival, make sure to set aside time to connect with your partner and prepare yourself for the forthcoming changes.

What’s a Babymoon?

The term “babymoon” refers to a couple’s vacation before a baby is born. This trip is similar to a honeymoon – with the focus on spending quality time together. The goal is to have a relaxing, romantic, refreshing trip. Once the baby comes, it will be more challenging to plan a private getaway with just the two of you.

Babymoons are growing in popularity. Some people plan a staycation, with a few days at a local spot. Other people want a bigger, exciting trip: one more adventure before a baby is in tow.

While a babymoon is more common with the first baby, there isn’t any reason you can’t take a babymoon for subsequent babies. New parents might plan a babymoon before adoption as well. It’s up to you to decide when and where you would like to take a babymoon!

Babymoon Planning Tips

If you want to enjoy some alone time with your partner during the pregnancy, then consider these babymoon planning tips to ensure you have a great experience:

  • Timing: You can plan a babymoon any time during the pregnancy, but it might be a good idea to stay close to home if you are in your third trimester. Vacations can be challenging during the first trimester because of morning sickness and during the third trimester because you are uncomfortable and exhausted. Most women feel their best during the second trimester, so this is an optimal time to plan a getaway.
  • Risks: Consider potential threats to the pregnancy at the location you are considering. For example, countries with Zika should be avoided since a mosquito bite could transmit a virus that might result in congenital disabilities. It’s also wise to avoid locations with a high risk of malaria since this illness can lead to miscarriage and stillbirth.
  • Movement: It doesn’t matter if you are traveling by plane, train, or car – make sure you aid circulation by getting up to move every hour or two. Reduce the risk of blood clots by wearing compression stockings. Also, consider putting your feet up to prevent cramps and swelling.
  • Activities: If you have been busy with work and life's responsibilities, you might want to relax in a quiet spot with a good book in hand. Or, you might prefer to plan some fun activities, such as sightseeing, spa treatments, or watching a show.
  • Healthcare: Make sure to keep your doctor or midwife in the loop about your travel plans. Your medical provider might have recommendations based on your unique healthcare concerns. Also, it’s smart to know your options for medical care at the destination in case unexpected symptoms arise while you are on the road. Always bring insurance cards and other applicable information.

Most women can enjoy a fun, relaxing babymoon without concern during pregnancy. But, it’s always wise to consider your personal circumstances if there’s anything you need to do to protect yourself and your baby.

Best Babymoon Destinations in the US?

If you are planning a babymoon during COVID, travel restrictions make it challenging to book international trips. So, many people are choosing to stay in theUnited States for their pre-birth getaway.

Your babymoon can be as simple or elaborate as you desire. Talk to your doctor if you want to plan a big trip, such as aninternational adventure. Your healthcare providers might recommend something closer to home if you are a high-risk pregnancy.

Here are a few babymoon destinations you might consider:

  • Staycation: Be a tourist in your own town! If you don’t want a long car ride or plane trip, then book a hotel room close to home and plan activities to see the local sites. There are plenty of hotel options, or you might choose a bed and breakfast for a more intimate experience.
  • Beach: Do you love the feel of sand between your toes? Then a beach getaway might be the perfect solution! Spend time soaking up the vitamin D at the closest ocean destination, such as California, Florida, or Texas. Or, look for a lakefront town if you are landlocked, such as Lake Tahoe or the Great Lakes.
  • Mountains: A cabin getaway can be a cozy way to take a break from the stresses of life. Look for vacation spots in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Rocky Mountains, or Alaska. Research the area to find low-intensity hiking trails if you’d like to maintain your physical fitness on the trip. Or, choose a cabin with a luxurious balcony where you can kick up your swollen feet and enjoy the views.
  • Red Rocks: Desert destinations are gaining in popularity, with popular babymoon destinations in Sedona and Southern Utah. Check off a bucket-list item by visiting the Grand Canyon or exploring natural arch formations.

Managing Nausea on a Babymoon

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