Best Places to Travel to When Pregnant

It is popular for many couples to take a “babymoon” before the baby is born and sneak away for one last get-away before life gets a little more hectic. Depending on your energy level and health during pregnancy, there are a variety of vacations to check out.

Top Vacation Destinations for Pregnant Women

If you are looking for the best places to travel to when pregnant, think of places to relax that require minimal planning. You can plan to see the sites while scheduling in time to get much-needed rest and relaxation. Check out some of these popular spots:

  • Nantucket, Massachusetts:Take a walk along cobblestoned streets with picturesque views in the United States. You can minimize travel time while feeling like you’ve escaped into an easy-going town along Cape Cod.
  • Belfast, Ireland:With rolling green hills and castles to tour, you can decide if you want to sit back and relax or have an afternoon of site-seeing. Try new food and chat with the locals to get the most out of your journey.
  • Lake Tahoe, California:This mountain escape is breathtaking no matter what time of year. You can hike, sit by the water, or cozy up inside beside the fire. The lake sits on the border of Nevada and California, so you may find it to be a short-distance drive.
  • Destin, Florida:With Zika being a concern for some tropical get-aways, why not travel to one of our most beautiful domestic beaches. With blue, clear water and white, silky sand, you can’t go wrong with a Florida beach. Relax and listen to the waves and sink your toes in the sand.
  • Kyoto, Japan:Soak in the Japanese culture and gorgeous views with a trip to Kyoto. You can tour Buddhist temples, see the cherry blossoms, and stroll through the tea gardens. A trip to Japan while pregnant is a great time to discover the rich history and lifestyle of the country.

It’s smart to research COVID-19 travel precautions and updates where you are staying. Many women choose to check in with their doctors to see if there are any personal health considerations to address before traveling.

Before you decide where to travel while pregnant, consider the travel time and the safety of the destination. Do you get sick while traveling? Make sure you choose a place where you can be comfortable. You will find that you can make new discoveries and find beauty in any city. Even if a 45-minute drive is all you can handle, explore nearby small towns and uncover their unique charm.

Keeping a Settled Stomach During Travel

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