When Should You Stop Traveling When Pregnant?

Travel during pregnancy can be the perfect solution to get away and enjoy your current stage of life before the baby comes. But it can also be uncomfortable. 

It isn’t ideal to travel during the first trimester when you are fighting morning sickness that lasts all day. You want to be able to enjoy your vacation. When you find a natural nausea remedy in Hana Tonic, you just may feel ready to travel in your first trimester. And it is certainly safe to do so.

As pregnancy progresses, when should you stop traveling when pregnant? Let’s find out.

How Far into Pregnancy Is Travel Encouraged?

Every pregnancy is different, and each doctor has specific recommendations. But most physicians agree that it is best to stop traveling at 36 weeks of pregnancy. You don’t want the baby to come early while you are away from your obstetrician and hospital. And any complications that arise are best to be dealt with by those who know your health history.

While 36 weeks are the common consensus, you should always follow these tips before any pregnancy travel:

    1. Consult with Your Doctor:Even if you are 20 weeks along and feeling great, your doctor should know about your trip. Seek their expertise on the safest travel practices according to your specific condition.
  • Consider COVID Precautions: With the ongoing pandemic, it’s smart to consider travel restrictions and talk to your doctor about vaccinations and the risk of COVID. 
    1. Stay Away from Zika:We haven’t heard much about Zika lately, but it’s still out there. Choose countries with no current cases of the Zika virus, which is a virus carried by mosquitoes and can cause congenital disabilities in unborn children.
    2. Bring Health Records and Insurance Documentation:Be prepared with your health information on hand so that you can get quick help if you need it. You can even consult with an alternative OB at your destination if you are taking an extended vacation.
    3. Listen to Your Body:Maybe you planned a vacation weeks-in-advance when you felt great, but now your body is tired and doesn’t respond well to stress. Listen to those cues and postpone the vacation if needed.
    4. Take Breaks and Walk Around:Do not sit still for prolonged periods of time. You can take frequent breaks on a road trip or get up and walk around on an airplane.
    5. Drink Lots of Water:Stay hydrated. When traveling, you can get out of your usual routines. Make sure you remember to carry water with you. Then you can avoid dehydration, which can be severe while pregnant.
    6. Do Not Travel with These Signs: If you are bleeding, have cramps, swelling, or painful headaches, stay home and closely monitored.

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    In addition, you can increase nutrients and boost your immune system. The compact bottles are easy to grab and keep in your travel bag for times that the nausea hits. You can always be prepared with Hana Tonic.