What Can You Pack in Your Carry-On?

Now that it is becoming safer to travel again, we may need a refresh on what is allowed to go in the carry-on bag. Especially if the only bag you are taking on your trip is a carry-on, you will want to be sure that none of your essential products gets thrown out before entering the plane.

Carry-On Bag Dos and Don’ts

Avoid the extra baggage fees by packing light with only a carry-on in tow. While you are trying to remember what you can pack in your carry-on, take a look at some of these tips that may save you from some airport setbacks.

  1. All containers must be 3.4 oz or smaller. Even if the liquid amount is smaller than that, it is not allowed in a larger container.
  2. Fit all of your liquid containers into a quart-sized, clear bag.
  3. Exception: As of 2020, you can travel with hand sanitizer up to 12 oz. 
  4. Mascara, lotion, and gels are considered to be liquids and fit into these limitations.
  5. Replace your liquid toiletries with solids if you are running out of room. Sunscreen and body wash can be replaced with solid stick sunblock and bars of soap.
  6. Powder-like substances will be tested separately through the scanner but are allowed up to 12 oz.
  7. Sharp objects are not allowed, including scissors and pocket knives.
  8. Sporting equipment is not allowed in carry-on luggage, as a baseball bat or ski pole could be used as a weapon.
  9. Glass is allowed in your carry-on bag. If it fits in the bag and is sensibly packed, you can include your glass items in your airplane bag.
  10. No guns allowed.
  11. No flammable items are permitted, including matches or explosives.
  12. Fresh produce can be carried on the plane, but it will not be allowed off the plane when traveling internationally. So if you pack an orange and grapes for a snack, eat them on the plane.

Remember these tips the next time your big trip comes around, and you don’t want to be stuck replacing your favorite pocket knife or expensive moisturizer. You can always buy small containers to refill and keep in your travel bag. You will be surprised at how many uses you can get out of one travel-size shampoo!

Since things are often changing, always check with your airline for a full list of travel guidelines.

Keeping Motion Sickness Away

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