Do Ginger Shots Work?

There are health fads that come and go, making it a challenge to find real health information in all of the differing opinions online. Many of them don’t last because they are popular at the time, but they don’t necessarily do anything to benefit your health. 

Using ginger for health reasons has been happening for decades and recently rising in popularity. It is said that including fresh ginger in your daily food intake can have great benefits. Ginger shots are concentrated forms of ginger that many people take daily. The question is, do ginger shots work?

ginger shots

The Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is not new to the health world. People have been using ginger for its health benefits for generations. The most wonderful piece of the ginger root is gingerol, one of the many compounds found in ginger. The aspects of gingerol that improve your health are many:

  1. Boosts Your Immune System:It is essential always to be protecting ourselves from sickness, but certainly, it is at the top of people’s minds when we are in the middle of a pandemic. Ginger root is an antioxidant and, therefore, fights the toxins that come into your body. Ingesting a ginger shot when your body is hurting from sickness will bring the extra push your body needs to fight and heal.
  2. Calms an Upset Stomach:Ginger naturally fights against nausea. Whether you are pregnant and combating morning sickness or hungover and recovering from a late night out, ginger will come to the rescue. Take a ginger shot or sip ginger tea, and the natural soothing properties will calm your upset stomach.
  3. Increases Metabolism:Adding ginger to your morning wake up routine will help you to get moving. Ginger root creates extra acid in your stomach, which stimulates your metabolism. You will have more energy and burn more calories during a workout if you ingest ginger before you start.
  4. Stabilizes Blood Sugar:The natural properties of ginger root help to regulate blood sugar. If you have diabetes, it is essential to keep your blood sugar levels consistent and healthy. The same goes for everyone; varying blood sugar levels can bring unneeded stress to the body. Downing a shot of ginger instead of reaching for a candy bar will be a great benefit to your body.

Should You Make Your Own Ginger Shots?

Not only does it require a lot of time to make your own ginger shots, but you must also invest in expensive equipment to create a high quality juice. Most people don’t have the time or desire to attempt a DIY approach for ginger shots.

A safer, more effective solution is to buy pre-made ginger shots from a trusted provider. Having these products on hand gives you the benefit of convenience whenever you want to support your health.

Your health is important to us here at Hana Tonic. Our unique blend of nutrient-filled ingredients, including ginger, come together and tastes delicious. It also boosts your immune system and provides nutrients that you may not be getting in your food. The Hana Tonic product is designed to make it easy to grab and go a bottle of our all-natural ginger shot on your way out the door.

Hana Tonic ginger shot