Does Glass Get Recycled?

Glass can be recycled repeatedly, with no rules on when it is no longer recyclable. Whether it’s a pasta sauce jar or a bottle from your cosmetics cabinet, glass can still be rinsed and recycled. Do you have glass items in your life that are thrown in the waste bin? With glass’s limitless recycling capabilities, it begs the question, does glass get recycled?

Are People Recycling Glass?

The recycling industry is always educating people to ensure that the right information is getting out to streamline the recycling process. What are some things that people wonder about recycling glass? Getting correct information out there will lead to more people choosing to recycle glass.

  • Can All Glass Be Recycled?Yes, all glass is recyclable. Breaking down the glass and forming it into new glass is simple, and the turnaround is a quick process. Unlike plastic, if a glass has been recycled 100 times before, it can still be recycled some more.
  • Does Broken Glass Slow Down the Recycling Process?The recycling process can have trouble with broken glass being sent through machines where it doesn’t belong. It happens. There are ways to improve the process - to filter out the broken glass, or sort the glass before recycling so that if it shatters, it will not mix with the other recyclables. Ask your local recycling center what they prefer when it comes to recycling glass.
  • How Much Space Does Glass Take Up in a Landfill?People can rationalize throwing away glass, thinking that it breaks down into grains of sand when crushed. But did you know that much of the glass being thrown into landfills is actually getting crushed down to crumbs? And glass bottles and containers can take up a lot of space and last for a million or more years.
  • Should the Label Be Removed on Glass Before Recycling?Yes, each glass item should be thoroughly rinsed with the label removed before recycling. The sticky label can slow down the recycling process. It’s an easy way to help in recycling.

Being informed about the best ways to recycle glass in your local community can help save the landfill from increasing glass products. Glass overwhelmingly accounts for the most recyclable materials taking up space in landfills. People are not recycling glass as much as they should (for example, 100% of the time). But they can be! Find ways that you can increase your glass use and glass recycling habits to benefit the environment.

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