How to Beat Morning Sickness

If you are pregnant and suffering from morning sickness, you will try anything to make it stop. Morning sickness is not exactly what the name implies. It can last all day long, and many women experience morning sickness throughout the duration of their pregnancy. It is vital to find relief when you can and learn how to beat morning sickness, or at least manage it in the best way possible.

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Keeping Morning Sickness at Bay

What are some ways that you can prevent or keep morning sickness at bay?

  • Snack Regularly:Eating small snacks spread throughout the day is proven to relieve nausea. The idea is that you’re never letting your stomach sit empty. Be sure to choose mild snacks like fruit or crackers that do not have strong smells or taste.
  • Mild Exercise:Most like, the last thing you want to do when you feel sick is get out of bed and exercise. However, you will be surprised at how much better you feel when you’ve moved your body by going on a short walk around the block or practicing some prenatal yoga.
  • Fresh, Cool Air:Getting outside when you’re feeling nauseous can lift your spirits and be a distraction. The wind in your face, especially cool wind, can also help combat that upset stomach. You never want to be hot and sweaty when you’re feeling sick. Take in some fresh air with deep breaths, and you will feel better.
  • Avoid Triggers:Every person is different. If you have a particular smell that you know will make you feel sick, then stay far away from it. If this means demanding that your husband not eat out at a specific restaurant for 9-months so he doesn’t bring the smells back into the house, then so be it. Take notice if smelly lotions or perfumes turn you off and avoid those for a few months as well. Focus on the things that you can control.
  • Natural Remedies:Did you know ginger has a natural effect of calming an upset stomach? It has been used for decades to soothe feelings of nausea. Sip on ginger tea or start your morning with a ginger shot. You will see the effects instantly as ginger does its work and staves off your morning sickness.

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Trying these new ideas for beating morning sickness will help you feel like you are doing something about it, rather than sulking and waiting for it to end. Challenge yourself to find a routine for you to help keep morning sickness effects as minimal as possible. Morning sickness may not go away completely, but many women can manage it enough to continue with everyday work and life commitments.

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