Morning sickness recipes

Green smoothies are a great way to combat your pregnancy sickness -- as well as ensure that you are keeping up with your prenatal vitamins. There are also all kinds of amazing ingredients that you can add to your smoothie that can help you get the minerals and nourishment you need throughout your pregnancy. To learn more about how to combat your morning sickness, check out our latest blog!

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At Hana Tonic, we know how frustrating it can be to not be able to enjoy your favorite foods (salmon anyone?) because of your nausea. We’re here to help. Our latest blog post features a wide range of recipes and tips to help you stay on top of your morning sickness and nourish your body all at the same time! 

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There’s a reason ginger is one of the top ingredients in Hana Tonic: it really works! Over and over doctors have seen that adding ginger to the mix is one of the best ways to alleviate nausea symptoms. To find out more about how to incorporate ginger into your diet, check out our latest blog post! 


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If you’re suffering from nausea, eating something high in protein may be the last thing that seems appealing. But it can actually be the best way to restore balance in your body and alleviate symptoms. A high protein bean soup is a great way to get all of the vitamins and protein you need to stay healthy during pregnancy. To explore some amazing morning sickness recipes, check out our latest blog post! 


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Morning Sickness Recipes: Pregnancy Recipes & Remedies


If you’ve been experiencing morning sickness or pregnancy sickness, it can feel overwhelming. You know that you are supposed to be eating healthy foods, small servings, and increase your vitamins. But you can hardly keep anything down--and you’re running out of foods that are even mildly appealing. 


It can be hard to get the nutrition you need when you are experiencing morning sickness and feeling nauseous. Luckily, there are foods and recipes that can help. From ginger cookies to homemade hummus to recipes that are high in vitamin b6, here are some of the most delicious ways that you can nourish yourself during pregnancy. 


Healthy Morning Sickness Recipes for Mamas Looking for Remedies 


One of the biggest myths about morning sickness is that it only strikes at the start of the day. But as many pregnant moms know, that’s not really true. “Morning sickness” can happen throughout the day, or symptoms can spike in the afternoon or evenings. When nausea is at its highest, we recommend gentle, easy to digest foods. 


Another common recommendation for pregnant moms is to increase your protein intake. This may feel counter intuitive, since high protein foods are often considered ‘heavy’, but it will do wonders to maintain your internal balance. Foods like yogurt, hummus, and other lean proteins can be a great way to stay on track. 


Finally, making sure you are keeping up with your vitamins is an important way to stay healthy and prevent sickness. Maintaining iron and vitamin b6 levels is essential to your health. It’s also important to keep up with your prenatal vitamins. Below, you’ll find some of the most popular recipes that have been found to help moms who are suffering from pregnancy sickness. 


Healthy Recipes For Nausea Relief: Smoothies


When you are experiencing high levels of nausea or even vomiting, here are some healthy recipe ideas that could offer you some much needed relief. When you can’t imagine keeping food down, smoothies are a light and delicious option.


One of our favorite smoothie recipes comes from Lauren Gleisberg’s blog that features so many health and fitness tips. You can view the full information about her smoothie byclicking here. The ingredients include: 1 banana (sliced), 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 6-8 strawberries, ¼ cup of oats, 2 tsp grated ginger, ½ tsp vanilla. One of the best benefits of eating smoothies is how easy it is to make them. Simply place all of those ingredients into a blender and enjoy! 

Other great options for ingredients into this smoothie that you can add or subtract according to your personal preference include: greek yogurt, watermelon, lemon or lemonade, papaya, flax seeds, chia seeds, coconut milk, cinnamon, mango, oranges, kale, spinach, avocado, or walnuts. For a fun twist on any smoothie, try mixing in a shot of Hana Tonic! Our unique blends adds amazing flavor as well as nutritional qualities to your smoothie.


To find the smoothie that works best for you, start by paying attention to your cravings. Go for the ingredients that appeal to you the most. Be willing to experiment, and when you find something that works, look up what ingredients are included in that food. You can then find other foods that are rich in those ingredients to potentially find more foods that could help relieve your nausea. 


If almond milk doesn’t work for you, there are other options for the liquid portion of your smoothies. You can use soy milk, oat milk, goat milk, or even regular cow’s milk. What’s great about some of these milk options is that they also increase your protein intake--which is another healthy way to combat morning sickness! But remember--any milk or juice that you add to your smoothie should be fully pasteurized for safety. 


Morning Sickness Recipes: Protein-Rich Foods


Many pregnant women, when experiencing morning sickness, find that solid foods aren’t very appealing. This can end up lowering your protein intake. But maintaining a high level of protein in your diet is important. In fact, if you can keep up your protein intake, you can even prevent pregnancy sickness symptoms before they start. 


One great way to keep up with your protein intake is by making your own protein bars. This recipe includes cashews, almonds, raisins, cherries, and dates. Simply mix all of the ingredients into the food processor and popping them into the oven. This makes an awesome and easy to eat baked snack that is low in calories and very healthy. What’s great about recipes like this is that they are both high in protein as well as dietary fiber. 


Another way to stay on top of your protein intake is by increasing your legume intake. Legumes like kidney beans and chickpeas can be amazing sources of protein that are easy on your tummy when they are cooked appropriately. Hummus is a great way to increase this kind of protein in your diet. And this bean soup recipe from Tarla Dalal is great for pregnant women experiencing sickness. 


Tarla Dalal’s recipe includes kidney beans, onions, tomatoes, garlic, chili powder, lemon juice, and oil. To prepare the beans, soak them overnight before cooking, and then blend them in the food processor before adding to the soup. This ensures that the beans will be easy on the stomach. 


You can also keep up your protein intake by cooking up lean proteins like chicken. Lightly seasoned chicken in small servings can provide relief for many mamas suffering from nausea. To fully view the recipeoffered by What To Expect, click the link. This pasta is an amazing comfort food option--that is filled with healthy and hearty ingredients that won’t be rough on your stomach. 


The ingredients for this recipe includes whole-wheat rotini or another pasta, ½ lb of boneless and skinless chicken, chicken broth, frozen peas, corn, and sliced carrots. Simple and easy--and it will be sure to please the rest of your family as well! 


Pregnancy Sickness Recipes: Vitamins! 


Even before you are seeking to get pregnant, you’ve probably already been told that you need to make sure your vitamin intake is on track. This becomes even more important if you are experiencing morning sickness. There are a wide variety of recommendations when it comes to prenatal vitamins, but two of the most important vitamins that are consistently emphasized are iron and vitamin b6. 


Salmon is a great choice to increase your vitamin intake. This wasabi salmon recipe from Eat This Much is very rich in vitamin b6. This recipe makes 4 servings, and you can view the recipeby clicking here.Ingredients include wasabi paste, cabbage, garlic, mushrooms, cabbage, and atlantic salmon. The best part--it’s easy to eat, healthy, and makes for an amazing dinner! 


Another great way to increase your vitamins and cut down on your morning sickness is to keep your greens intake high. This recipe from the Food Network for Pan Shrimp and Greens is a unique way to make sure you’re getting the vitamins you need. 


The recipe includes 2 bunches of kale, garlic, bell pepper, grapeseed oil, and shrimp, as well as many other green herbs including basil, cilantro, and mint. It’s an easy to make recipe that will ensure you are keeping up with your iron and greens intake. If shrimp isn’t right for you, you can exchange that protein for tofu or lamb, both of which have a lot of iron. 


What To Do When You’re In A Pinch


Regardless of how much pre-planning you do or how many recipes you follow, there’s a good chance that your pregnancy sickness will strike at a moment when you just can’t let it slow you down. That’s where a product like Hana Tonic comes in. 


Hana Tonicis a proprietary blend of ginger, lemon, pineapple, cayenne, and vitamins that tastes amazing, is low in sugar, and has helped so many pregnant moms handle their morning sickness. The best part is that it comes in a small serving size that is easy to travel with, so you can have this remedy by your side whenever you need it most. 


Pregnancy Sickness and You: You Can Get Through This


So many pregnant women face morning sickness, and it can be truly brutal. Many women feel hopeless, trying so many things to stay on top of their symptoms but never really being able to relieve them. 


But, there are some tried and true approaches out there to help moms that are in the lurch. When you take a focused, balanced strategy and do what you can to tune into what your body needs and wants, there’s a much greater chance that certain remedies will finally help you relieve your nausea. 


We hope some of these recipe ideas have helped you and we’d love to hear what’s worked for you! Reach out and let us know how you’ve reduced your pregnancy sickness symptoms and how you stayed healthy and happy during your pregnancy.