Most Beautiful Places in the US: Where Do You Want to Go?

Let your daydreaming turn into reality by putting together a bucket list of destinations you want to visit on your upcoming vacations. Where will your next travel adventure be? Many people want to compile a list of the most beautiful places in the US so they can stay stateside and enjoy stunning views at the same time.

The advantages of traveling domestically are undeniable: it’s easier to get to the destinations because you don’t need to worry about international flights or passports. Plus, staying in the United States is often cheaper since getting to these locations is easier.

Travel Plans: The Most Beautiful Places in the US

Where are you planning to go on your next vacation?Your family can pick from a variety of local destinations without the need to leave the country. Here are some of the most beautiful places in the US:

  • Niagara Falls, New York: These towering waterfalls are located on the border between Canada and the United States, bringing more than 30 million visitors per year. There is so much water – totaling over six million cubic feet. It’s breathtaking to feel the spray and see so much water falling from the high cliffs.
  • Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming: This national park offers almost 3,500 square miles to enjoy, with a variety of wildlife you might be able to spot on your trip: buffalo, grizzly bears, elk, and deer. Plus, beautiful springs and water formations make it a fabulous destination for your vacation.
  • Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia and North Carolina: While this Appalachian Mountain range is beautiful throughout the year, one of the best times to visit is when the leaves change colors in the fall season. Drive the Blue Ridge Parkway and take in the scenery, with 469 miles of road to explore.
  • Kauai, Hawaii: If you prefer a tropical destination, then Hawaii is an excellent choice. Kawaii looks like something you would see in a fantasy movie with blue ocean water, green cliffs and mountains, and plenty of wildlife.
  • Crater Lake, Oregon: Visit a beautiful lake nestled between tall mountain peaks. One thing that makes Crater Lake unique is the depth of the water. Over 7 millennia ago, the crater was formed by an explosion, leaving behind a hole that is more than 2000 feet deep and filled with crystal-clear water.
  • Monument Valley, Utah and Arizona: Located on the border of Utah and Arizona, Monument Valley has a cluster ofred rock formations. Even though it is simple, the towering rock chimneys are stunning against the background of a blue sky or setting sun. You’ll feel like you stepped into an Old Western Movie when you visit this location.
  • Savannah, Georgia: Enjoy a combination of history and beautiful nature in Savannah. You will find picture-perfect views at every turn, with old buildings and cobblestone streets. If you love history, Georgia is an excellent destination for your upcoming trip.

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