Should I Take Probiotics on an Empty Stomach?

Probiotics are growing in popularity, infused into everyday food items like cereal and dried fruit. Look for the  signs you need probiotics, like irregular bowel movements and indigestion. Is it best to get your probiotics from food, or should you take them in supplement form? Let’s dive deeper into probiotics and also discover, should I take probiotics on an empty stomach?

Does It Matter When to Take Probiotics?

If you are getting your probiotics through food, you are likely not getting enough to make a difference in your health. Probiotics found in yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and other naturally fermented foods are not in great enough amounts to offer health benefits.

As for added probiotics to food, you will also need to look into the number of probiotics that are absorbed before the stomach acid breaks them down. This is because when you take probiotics with food, they sit in the stomach longer as the food is broken down, leaving probiotics vulnerable to stomach acid levels.

Timing Does Matter

It is recommended that you take probiotics on an empty stomach so that they can move through the stomach at the fastest rate possible and avoid being killed by stomach acid. Your stomach is designed to kill any bacteria and viruses that pass through. Because you want probiotics to survive, it is important to take them on an empty stomach:

  • First Thing in the Morning:When you wake up in the morning, you can ensure that your stomach is empty. Take probiotics in the morning so that they pass through the stomach acid as quickly as possible.
  • Before Bed:You can also take probiotics before bed as long as you have waited 2-3 hours since your last meal. Depending on the meal size, your body can take a long time to break down the food in your stomach. If you add probiotics to the queue, they will sit in the stomach for a long time and get attacked by stomach acid.

Take probiotics on an empty stomach, looking at the recommended intake, to ensure that the good bacteria make their way to your gut. For benefits like reduced diarrhea, regular bowel movements, and increased immune health, probiotics need to make it past the stomach's harsh environment first.

Consistency Is Vital

Along with taking probiotics on an empty stomach, it is essential to be consistent with your probiotics intake. You cannot take probiotics here and there and expect to see results. Benefits stop  when you stop taking probiotics. Daily intake of the supplement will return benefits to your health. Some of these benefits may not manifest for weeks. On the bright side, you will see the effects in as little as 2 days when it comes to digestive health.

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