What Helps an Upset Stomach: 5 Things to Try

Whether you ate something that didn’t sit well, you have motion sickness, or you are experiencing morning sickness, you may be searching for what helps an upset stomach. It is impossible to go about your day with an upset stomach, hoping it goes away soon so that you can focus on what you need to get done.

You do not have to live with nausea, and you don’t have to pound down anti-nausea medicines with various side effects either. First, try these natural remedies.

5 Things to Try for Treating an Upset Stomach

Imagine sitting in the car for a long road trip and not being able to find relief from your nausea. You may have options to take medications that will cause tiredness and other side effects. Instead, try thesenatural remedies to an upset stomach.

  1. Ginger:The chemicals in ginger activate your stomach to move food through your digestive system quickly and effectively. Ginger also has elements that can decrease vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. In addition, the soothing effect of ginger is a lifesaver for many people who experience upset stomachs.
  2. Lemon:You can mix lemon juice with baking soda in water to create a solution that can settle your stomach. The acidity in lemons works to reduce gas and indigestion. In addition, baking soda neutralizes the bile acids in your stomach, soothing any discomfort that occurs.
  3. Water:Drink a lot of water to flush out any food that may be irritable to your digestive process. Nausea may also be caused by dehydration, which means that you need to drink water to treat it. In addition, look for other signs of dehydration, such as dry mouth, thirst, and deep yellow or orange urine.
  4. Mint:Menthol found in mint is used to reduce indigestion and diarrhea. You will find mint in many teas that help soothe an upset stomach. Mint can also reduce the sensation to vomit. You can put mint leaves in tea, or simply sucking on a mint candy may give you the relief you seek.
  5. Cinnamon:Cinnamon has many antioxidants that contribute to better digestion. When you mix a teaspoon of cinnamon into hot water for a tea or add cinnamon to your meals, you may experience a decrease in belching,indigestion, and bloating.

When you have some of these remedies on hand, you can combat nausea before it takes over your day. You may think it’s not sensible to carry around cinnamon or lemon and baking soda. Our bottles of Hana Tonic are made primarily of ginger and are packaged to carry with you as you travel, available whenever you need it.

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