What to Take for Nausea: Simple Ways to Get Relief

effective ways to get relief as soon as possible.


Just because you want to feel better quickly, though, doesn’t mean that you want to turn to an antiemetic or other medication right away. In some cases, you may want something that will help your medication work even more effectively. Finding additional sources, then, can help aid you in overcoming nausea. 

Nausea can come from many different sources:

  •    Chemotherapy or surgery
  •    Morning sickness
  •    Motion sickness
  •    Intense emotions or stress
  •    Stomach flu

What might work for one person or situation may not be ideal in another. That’s why we put together this helpful guide that can help you find the nausea medication that can work well for you. We compiled what you can take for nausea to find a natural remedy to allow  you to get back to your life as fast as possible.


First on our list is the powerhouse for nausea relief: ginger. It usually tops the list as a natural remedy for good reason: it works. Although it’s been used throughout history, there’s a lot of research to back up the tummy-soothing effects of ginger.

One of theactive compounds in ginger, 6-gingerol, is where it’s believed to get its nausea-busting power. Research shows that ginger can help with a wide variety of causes for nausea, including:

Not only is the research promising for using ginger to treat nausea, but it is also fairly easy to take. It’s available in a wide variety of forms so that you can choose which way is best for you. 

The most potent way to take ginger is in powdered form. It's important to be careful, though, because taking too much at once can cause your stomach to burn. Start with a small amount and work up from there. 

It can also be taken raw for those who need the most potent relief fast. Chewing on a raw piece of ginger can help quickly. You can also put it in a tea with honey and lemon for calming relief. 

If you are struggling to take ginger, consider a sweeter form to make it easier to keep down. Ginger candies are widely available, as well as ginger ale. However, many commercial brands of ginger ale contain very little ginger, so be sure to check the label to see how much ginger is in it.



Bright and citrusy, lemon could be just the relief you need. It's handy for those who struggle with keeping anything down because even the smell of lemons can help end nausea.

Most people swear by lemons because of their experience. Many pregnant women, for example, swear by lemonade as the only thing they could drink for relief. However, there is promising research that points to lemons as a great way to keep nausea at bay.

For those in the throes of the stomach flu, lemons could be just the answer.Researchers discovered that lemons are effective in keeping sickness to a minimum. Compounds in the lemon work to keep the virus and cell apart, which makes the virus as weak as possible. This means that lemons can help you feel better than you otherwise would and get back to normal faster. 

Lemon could also be just the answer if you find that keeping anything down is impossible, especially if you’re pregnant. In one study,researchers compared morning sickness in women who smelled lemon essential oil versus almond oil. They found that lemon was far more effective in keeping nausea at bay.

Consider keeping lemon essential oil or cut up lemons around to smell when nausea strikes. You can also put lemon in your water or add it to tea for a simple way to combat sickness.

If smelling lemons isn’t doing the trick and you have a hard time keeping anything down, another simple way to get lemons is as a mouthwash. Mix some lemon and warm water, swish in your mouth and spit out. This is an especially effective way to get a fresh mouth and combat nausea if you're vomiting.



Nausea can be caused by emotional reasons as well as physical ones. Even if the initial causes of sickness come from a physical cause, tension, and anxious feelings about being nauseated can make it worse. 

If you are stressing about a meeting or big test coming up and feel queasy about it, consider taking chamomile. Chamomile helps your muscles and mind relax, which can, in turn, keep your stomach calm down as well.

You might find that nausea itself has you feeling anxious and sleep-deprived. Chamomile not only can relax your body and promote sleep, but research has found that thecompounds in chamomile relax the stomach muscles as well. You can bring quick relief through the calming benefits of chamomile.

Try putting chamomile in a tea to help quell stomach pain. Also, consider using chamomile essential oil if you want to harness its relaxation and sleep-promoting benefits.


Cayenne Pepper

Many people are surprised to see cayenne pepper make the list of nausea-busting foods. A common myth is that it will give you an ulcer before it can help a stomach ache. However, cayenne pepper has long been studied for its ability to help with stomach troubles. In fact,studies dating back to the 1840s found ituseful in treating seasickness.

Modern research backs up a lot of these studies. Cayenne pepper has even been found to helpPREVENT ulcers by building up the stomach

Cayenne pepper helps to strengthen the body and stomach to make your digestion stronger than ever. Itcounteracts the acid in the stomach to stop nausea and prevent diarrhea. It evenhelps stimulate the salivary glands to help produce more saliva. Saliva is essential for breaking down food. Cayenne pepper's saliva-producing effects breaks down food ahead of time so that it’s easier on your stomach.

Add some cayenne pepper to your dinner tonight to give it a delicious kick and help combat nausea. You can chop it up fresh or add the powdered version for a more concentrated flavor.


B Vitamins

Vitamins are necessary for every function in our body. When we are deficient in one vitamin, it’s likely to show up as a variety of symptoms within our body. Nausea is often one of them.

Research has shown that specific vitamins can help relieve nausea as it strengthens the body. This is especially true for pregnant women because their bodies need more nutrients than ever. If you suspect that your body might be lacking in something, or you need to get an extra boost because of your sickness, one of these B vitamins might be to blame:

If you suspect that you have a deficiency in these vitamins, try stocking up on whole foods that are rich in them, such as greens, eggs, fish, and even liver for B12. However, if you feel that supplementing is warranted, check with your doctor first.

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