Why Is Glass Better than Plastic?

Plastic packaging and storage containers are cheap and abundant in our modern world. Most items you purchase come wrapped in plastic, and home storage solutions are often designed using plastic. When you look at the price tags, it’s easy to see why plastic is so popular – it’s affordable and easy to use.

But what is the cost of using plastic on a daily basis? If you are looking for ways to support overall health, glass is a better solution than plastic.

6 Reasons to Choose Glass Instead of Plastic

Why is glass better than plastic? Here are some of the most common reasons families are ditching plastic and sticking with glass containers instead:

  1. Hormone Disrupting Chemicals: Plastic is created using petrochemicals that are loaded with toxicity. These chemicals are known as xeno-estrogens, also called endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs). Food is stored in plastic, which leaches into your food. Then, eating the food means that the chemicals move into your body. Endocrine disruption can lead to birth defects, cancers, immune problems, and developmental issues.
  2. Food Flavors: Have you noticed that food stored in plastic can take on the odor and taste of the plastic? The same thing happens in reverse: food flavors stay behind in the plastic container. Since plastic isn’t durable, it can affect the taste and safety of your food.
  3. Stylish Appearance: Whether you are using glass as storage in the fridge or redesigning the pantry for dry goods, glass containers are beautiful and stylish. On the other hand, plastic can discolor over time, which means it doesn’t look as nice on display.
  4. Maximize Space: One popular option is to use mason jars for food storage. These jars are tall, helping to maximize the space used in the fridge and pantry. Using similar jars gives you an easy way to organize storage to create a clean appearance on the shelves.
  5. Melting Materials: If you put plastic containers in the dishwasher or too close to the stovetop, the plastic can melt. Not only does the melting disfigure the container, but it also causes dangerous chemical fumes in your home.
  6. Sustainability: Glass is more eco-friendly than plastic. The growing use of plastic is increasing around the world, causing tons of plastic to stack up in the landfills. Additionally, plastic garbage is littering our oceans. Glass is a more sustainable option since it can be re-used, helping to minimize the amount of garbage in landfills.

While it’s nearly impossible to avoid plastic altogether, small changes can make a big difference to minimize your exposure to plastic each day. Changing out food storage containers and other plastic items can protect your health and the environment at the same time.

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