Does Hot Water Help Indigestion?

Everyone knows drinking water can benefit your health. But is there a difference between drinking cold and hot water? And more specifically, does hot water help indigestion? If you continually feel uncomfortable after eating, read more to learn tips on settling your stomach and minimizing those symptoms.

The Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

The recommended temperatures for drinking hot water are between 130 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything hotter than these temperatures can cause scalding and damage your mouth and esophagus. Always be careful when drinking hot beverages.

Once you get the right temperatures down, you can enjoy hot water for the following benefits:

  • Ease indigestion:Drinking hot water is so soothing that it makes you feel better after eating a large meal. The water moves through the digestive system, and the hot water can help dissolve the food to move the particles through more quickly.
  • Warm Up in the Cold:When you drink hot water while shivering in the cold, the hot water warms you up from the inside out. Enjoy the relief of warming your body when you feel like every bone in your body is frozen.
  • Clear Up Nasal Congestion:Sip hot water and breathe in the steam as you treat nasal congestion. The humidity will break up the mucus and relieve a stuffy nose. Add honey to the mixture to soothe your sore throat at the same time. Staying hydrated while sick is also a priority to expedite healing.
  • Improve Brain Function:Drinking hot or cold water can increase brain function. You can have more concentration during demanding activities and reduced feelings of anxiety. When you are properly hydrated, your mood is more stable as well. Your body needs water, so it functions better when you give it what it needs.
  • Reduce Stress:At the beginning of a chaotic day, sit in the quiet as you sip hot water. The soothing liquid can help you slow down and prepare for the day ahead. Taking this time for yourself is essential to reducing stress.
  • Increase Circulation:In the same way that taking a warm bath can increase circulation in your body, drinking hot water may provide similar benefits. The warm water moving through your digestive system can only promote increased blood flow and healing in your body. Drinking water, hot or cold, brings increased healing benefits. Enjoy a hot cup of water and allow your body to work on healing and repairing itself.

While many of these improvements are anecdotal and not backed by research, you can see for yourself what hot water can do to increase comfort and health in your life. Hot water can ease indigestion, and it does not hurt to implement healthy drinking habits into your routine.

Treat Indigestion with Hot Water and Hana Tonic

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