How to Stop a Bloating Stomach and Gas

Picture this. You go out for a night at your favorite dinner and indulge in a large plate of food followed by a delicious dessert. You feel so good while you’re eating it, but why do youfeel so yucky afterward? It’s time to learn how to stop a bloating stomach and gas.

If you are going to go out for a night on the town, you want to enjoy the whole evening. If you feel bloated and uncomfortable after dinner, you will not get a chance to enjoy dancing, the movie, or whichever activity follows. Set yourself up for success by being prepared to relieve a bloated stomach.

Remedies for a Bloated Stomach

What causes a bloated stomach? It’s unpredictable when you’re going to get a bloated stomach. Perhaps your body cannot keep up with digestion after a particularly large meal. Or maybe your food was filled with grease, and it’s not settling in your stomach. Or you could eat a salad that leads to a bloated feeling. A gassy stomach does not always mean you made unhealthy choices.

Either way, you can be prepared with a remedy:

Go on a walk to relieve a bloated stomach. You can implement movement to speed up digestion and facilitate gas release in the process. If you are constipated, exercise will also get your bowels moving.

Peppermint tea is an excellent remedy for a bloated stomach. The components of peppermint relax the digestive muscles and allow food to move through them more efficiently. The soothing taste of warm tea neutralizes food that may leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Take a bath to relieve any pain caused by a bloated or gassy stomach. Sometimes, it feels impossible to sleep with suchdiscomfort. Draw a hot bath to relax your body and destress from the day. Stress slows down the digestive system, so a bath will help get it back on track.

Stretch with yoga to put your body in positions ideal for releasing excess gas. Classic yoga poses like child’s pose or downward facing dog promote movement of gas through your body and out of your stomach.

Rub your stomach to put pressure on the gas and move it through your system. An abdominal massage works wonders for a bloated stomach.

Implement ginger into your diet to speed up the digestion process. If you are bloated because you overate or because the food was too greasy, let ginger facilitate digestion. It will only help to add a natural remedy to your diet through a ginger shot or a smoothie. Hana Tonic contains ginger and other soothing ingredients torelieve a bloated stomach.

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