How to Stop Your Stomach from Hurting After Eating Spicy Foods

If you like spice, you may think that a meal without spicy foods is bland and unappealing. But what if your taste buds crave spicy cuisine, but your stomach does not agree? Learn how to stop your stomach from hurting after eating spicy foods.

Ease Your Stomach After Spicy Food

Perhaps you have been eating hot and spicy foods for years without worrying about the discomforts that come after the meal. As you get older, those discomforts get worse and worse. The acid reflux and thegas build up so much that you cannot sleep. If you want to continue the night after eating spicy food, you may have to bail on friends because you have a date with the toilet for the rest of the night.

So how can you avoid such inconvenience and embarrassing moments after indulging in spicy food? Look at some of these natural remedies:

  • Heartburn Medication:The easy answer is to take some medication for heartburn to relieve your pain. But spicy food does not only cause heartburn. The food doesn’t settle right in the stomach, and you may need to call on other reinforcements.
  • Nonfat Milk:Milk is excellent to drink with spicy food. Many people drink milk as they are eating hot wings or other spicy foods because it neutralizes the burn. You can still enjoy the spice and bring comfort and coolness to your body when it becomes too much. Alwayschoose nonfat milk. Extra fat can reduce the efficiency of your digestive system.
  • Ice Water:Water may not ease the burn of your spicy food, but it will make your stomach feel better. Fill your stomach with water to speed up the digestion process and keep the food from coming back up in the form of heartburn.
  • Ginger:Ginger has been used to relieve pain and digestive discomfort for centuries. The natural side effects of ginger are increased efficiency in your digestive system and making you feel less full. Take advantage of these benefits by carrying Hana Tonic with you and adding ginger to your diet.
  • Chewing Gum:Choose sugar-free chewing gum and chew it for thirty minutes after eating spicy food. It will reduce the chance of heartburn. Sugar can contribute to heartburn, so always choose sugar-free flavors. The chewing movement will speed up digestion, and a minty flavor may help neutralize the spice.

Be sure to keepHana Tonic on you so that you do not have to turn down spicy food when it comes along. You can be prepared with our one-of-a-kind ginger shot. You do not have to sacrifice taste for comfort. With Hana Tonic, you can have both!  

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