Paia, Maui Shops

Road to Hana, HI

Are you dreaming of the day you can take a trip to Hawaii again? So many of us are planning our next post-COVID vacations in our heads, as soon as it's safe to travel again. There's no harm in learning about where you want to go when the time is right!

When you finally get the opportunity to check Maui off your bucket list, don’t forget to stop and take in all the towns you pass through on the way to the big attractions. Paia Town is a quaint surfer town that is often breezed over as people are headed to explore the Road to Hana. When planning your Maui trip, spend an afternoon at the Paia, Maui shops, and restaurants. You will never regret taking in the local culture and flavors!

Shopping in Paia Town

You don’t want to miss the pastel-colored facades of the shops in town. Your first impression might give you a throwback to a beach town you have seen in movies from the 60s. The colorful shops line the streets and are filled with alluring, local handmade goods, delicious foods, and one-of-a-kind gems from Hawaii. 

Pull up a chair at a local coffee shop, like Cafe des Amis ( and enjoy the people watching -- Paia is known for its eccentric bohemian locals, on their way to go surfing or to the health food store ( One of the draws to Paia Town is the mix of people that reside there. It isn’t a full-on tourist town, so the people are true locals with their eccentricity and bohemian vibes. Not only is it a great place to shop for souvenirs, but also to stop and grab a treat and people watch. Take in the scenery and the unique feel of the town.

For a great representation of Paia, stop into funky Mana Foods, where you can explore the aisles and pick out a treat for your family to enjoy together. It is one of the most popular natural food stores but has also become a place where people gather socially. Plus, you can buy Hana Tonic locally at Mana Foods! Kuau Store has a collection of local snacks and pre-packed picnics for a day at the beach. Paia Town also has many art galleries displaying work from local artists. You do not want to miss the artistic expression of the Paia Town locals. 

If you want a cute stop for a to-go lunch and gelato before hitting the Road to Hana, thenHana Picnic Company is a fun place to visit. Hana Tonic is also sold here.

Shop local

Paia Beaches

One misconception is that Paia is wet and rainy. It is located in Haleakala Mountain’s rain shadow and does get some rain, but the annual rainfall is comparable to the eastern side of the United States. There are so many beaches in Paia Town, and a beach day filled with picnics and windsurfing sounds just right for this part of town. Do not be scared off by the rain; it brings in beautiful greenery and views to enjoy while you’re there.

It is worthy of being its own destination spot. Squeeze in a day for Paia Town in your Maui trip plans. Come and explore the shops, pick up food, and head to the beach for a picnic.

Hana Tonic

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