Plastic Water Bottles Environmental Impact

Plastic is convenient and easy to use. It doesn’t break, it’s waterproof, lightweight, and is found everywhere in individual snack bags, bottles, toy packaging, to name a few. If you open your eyes, you will notice you are using plastic every day in your shampoo bottles, produce bags at the grocery store, and in packing your child’s lunch. But what is plastic water bottles’ environmental impact?

How Plastic Bottles Are Made

Plastic is made from natural gas and oil found in the crust of the earth. Manufacturers drill into the planet in order to find the resources for making plastic. The amount of fossil fuels used to make plastic is astounding. Because plastic's popularity is so vast, it is being manufactured in high quantities that are only hurting our earth. And there is no end in sight. Many people choose to ignore the negative impacts of plastic on our environment. They convince themselves that nothing can be done to reverse the damage that has already occurred. That is not true, and small changes made today can improve our earth for tomorrow.

Plastic Is Not 100% Recyclable

You may think that plastic is being recycled, but plastic can only be recycled so many times. And plastic bottles don’t compact well and do not break down naturally or disintegrate. Consequently, most plastic is being discarded and ending up in landfills and on the surface of our oceans. This litter endangers ocean animals and leaks chemicals into the water. We can reduce the buildup of plastic in the ocean and landfills if we all work together. Ultimately, our earth is turning into a dumping ground. What will you do to stop it?

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

What can you do? It is essential to be aware of the environmental impact your small family is having on the earth. You can take responsibility and make small changes today to change your ways. It would be best if you always recycle anything that qualifies. Switch out disposable packaging for reusable bags and water bottles. You can trade your plastic containers for food out for glass containers.

The Benefits of Glass

Glass has many benefits. The natural resources used for glass are accessible and have minimal impact on the environment. Glass can be recycled endlessly. No matter how many times it’s been broken down before, it can be recycled again. Glass also is safe to heat without releasing toxic chemicals into your food, as plastic does. You can see through glass and see exactly what is in the container without lifting the lid. A switch to glass is a big win for the environment.

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