What are the Benefits of Ginger Shots?

A ginger shot is a potent health mixture containing a concentrated amount of ginger in a small liquid serving. They are a relatively new idea, created as a delicious way to get more ginger and all of its goodness into our bodies.

The magic is in the ginger root’s primary active ingredients: gingerols and shogaols. These oily resins give ginger its characteristic aroma and flavor, but perhaps more importantly, they have potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. People everywhere have come to appreciate ginger for the vast number of health benefits it can provide:

  • Immunity Booster:A daily shot of ginger is a smart way to strengthen your immune system. Because gingerols are strongly antioxidant, they are able to assist your body in eliminating free radicals caused by oxidative stress. And the high quantity of gingerols in a concentrated ginger shot only helps in the fight to keep you healthy.
  • Tummy Soother:Perhaps the most widely known benefits of ginger shots are their power to decrease nausea and calm digestive troubles such as indigestion, bloating, and intestinal cramping. Ginger promotes motility of the stomach and intestines by activating the smooth muscle that moves food down the digestive tract. It can also help those who suffer a loss of appetite or are recovering from a hangover.
  • Energy Enhancer: Ginger is known to rev up your metabolism by increasing your digestive system's thermal heat. More digestive fire equates to more significant caloric burn, which helps to create more energy. At the same time, ginger is an effective regulator of blood sugar, helping the body maintain stable, consistent energy. Many people like to drink ginger shots in the morning to wake up their mind and body and provide a baseline of sustained energy throughout their day.
  • Infection Fighter:Bacteria are everywhere. And if the wrong kind finds its way into your body, it can cause severe illness and disease. Studies have found that ginger is a capable infection fighter able to kill common and dangerous bacteria, such as staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus pyogenes. The research even showed that ginger’s antimicrobial properties were better at killing these germs than antibiotics!
  • Inflammation Tamer:Ginger is packed with more than 400 soothing plant compounds, many of which the body can use to help combat inflammatory health conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, gut diseases, and even some cancers. When combined with other inflammation-fighting ingredients such as lemon, turmeric, or cayenne pepper, inflammatory markers and symptoms can often be drastically improved.

Other Health Benefits:Ginger has also been known to impact many other health concerns positively. It is known to improve brain function, support heart health, and decrease blood pressure. It also provides anti-cancer and anti-diabetic effects. Ginger shots for weight loss have also been observed since ginger can help to reduce hunger and burn more calories during the digestion process.

How Often Should You Drink a Ginger Shot?

There’s no set rule for how often you should drink a ginger shot–or how much –but there are some guidelines that will make things a little easier:

  • Most people feel comfortable drinking one shot every day. More is generally discouraged, but find the frequency that works for you.
  • Never consume more than four grams of ginger per day. There’s really no added benefit to doing so, and that much ginger could interfere with your body in unwanted ways, such as lowering your blood pressure too much. That said, you would have to drink significant amounts of ginger to reach this recommended limit.
  • When you’re just getting into drinking ginger shots for wellness, you might want to ease your way into it. Ginger shots can be potent, so listen to your body. It's normal for some new drinkers to feel their digestive system respond with more frequent trips to the bathroom. Eliminating waste is good, but not if it’s causing diarrhea! If that happens, back off until you find your balance again.
  • If you are on any medications, check with your doctor to make sure that concentrated ginger shots won’t cause any unwanted interactions.

Can I Take a Ginger Shot on an Empty Stomach?

Drinking ginger shots on an empty stomach is not a problem. In fact, it may even be better to drink it this way since the nutritional benefits of ginger will be higher when you do. The nutrient-dense liquid is quickly ushered into the small intestine, where it is absorbed into the body within 15 minutes.

If you drink a ginger shot after eating a big meal, it will sit in your stomach for a time before it can be digested. When that happens, the ginger juice can ferment before the body digests it. The byproduct of fermentation is intestinal gases such as ethanol, as well as unwanted toxicities that your body will then need to clean up. This process is less than ideal and can cause bloating, gas, and discomfort.

What does Ginger Do in the Body of a Woman?

Women can use ginger to help reduce menstrual pain. Studies have demonstrated that 250 mg of ginger powder taken four times daily was equally effective as pain-relieving drugs such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

For women who experience nausea or morning sickness during pregnancy, ginger is a fast way to quell tummy upset and restore a measure of calm to their bodies.

Can Ginger Shots Prevent Sickness?

As an immune-boosting drink, ginger shots are a natural way to empower your body to stay healthy. It never hurts to increase your nutrient intake when trying to ward off sickness. That said, many other things can cause a person to become sick. But suppose you’re eating well, sleeping adequately, managing stress, connecting with others, and engaging in meaningful activities in your life. In that case, the chances are good that you’re doing everything you can to stay well.


How to Make Ginger Shots

You can make ginger shots in a variety of ways. Still, they all tend to include a handful of ingredients: fresh or dried ginger, fresh lemons, cayenne pepper, and a healthy sweetener of your choices such as honey, coconut water, or pineapple. You can make homemade ginger shots at home using this simple recipe:

In a high-speed blender, combine:

  • 1/3 cup freshly squeezed lemons
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  •  ¼ cup of ginger root (washed and chopped)
  • a pinch of cayenne pepper

Blend on high until the mix is smooth. Strain the liquid through a cheesecloth or fine mesh strainer. Use a spoon to press any liquid from the remaining blended solids. You can use a juicer instead of a blender if desired. You’ll get about 2 servings yield from this recipe. As the drink's name implies, ginger shots are small servings intended to be drunk all at once. Don’t sip it. Just down it all at once and feel the heat!

Do you love the idea of drinking ginger shots for improved health but don’t have time or inclination to make them yourself? Trust me; we get it. Whether you’re a busy professional dealing with stress, a weekend warrior needing a burst of energy, or a nauseated mother-to-be, Hana Tonic has the best quality ginger shots on the market. Our products are organic, made with love and good vibes – founded in the beautiful Aloha State of Hawaii.